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  • How long will my order take to arrive?

    - Shipped from Australia: Average 3 to 7 days after payment

    - Shipped from overseas: Average 10 to 15 days after payment

    Typically, customers receive their order in 3 to 15 days [business days excluding weekends and holidays]  after the confirmation of order online. However, delays in delivery may occur due to customs clearance and/or delays associated with the shipping/logistics companies. Overseas shipments generally have a longer delivery time frame compared to domestic shipping, so please purchase the goods in advance.

  • Is it possible to receive the order from various brands or products in one package?

    Yes, this is definitely the goal. We are conscious that this provides you with a better experience, whilst also balancing our contributions to reducing waste and contributing to broader environmental management.  M Plaza logistics centres collects all the items and will attempt to dispatch the items to you in one package.


  • How much does shipping generally cost?

    Apart from the general shipping cost specified by M Plaza, there are no additional charges from us. If the product you received is faulty or you have changed your mind, you can return it within seven (7) days of receipt of delivery.  However, in the case of a return due to change of mind, the return postage costs will be incurred by you. Do note that the return cost can be high for products that need to be resent to our international centres (in comparison to domestically delivered products) as import duties and taxes may apply (Refund/Return shipping cost of overseas direct purchase products: $60 per kg + additional government tax)


  • Procedure for requesting exchange/return due to damaged, faulty or incorrect products on arrival.

    If you would like to request for an exchange/return due to goods that are damaged or identified as faulty upon arrival, we can refund 100% of the payment. Please note, if approved by us for exchange/return, we will cover reasonable associated costs.

  • Standard procedure for exchange/return due to a change of mind

    If for any reason (you're not happy with your order, you can return/exchange within seven (7) days of receiving the item.

    In the case of a return due to you changing your mind or mistakes in interpretation of the product descriptions (e.g. sizes), return postage costs remain the responsibility of the purchaser. In particular, as noted above, note that the return cost can be high for products that need to be resent to our international logistics centres (Return shipping cost of overseas direct purchase products: $60 per kg + additional government tax)



  • Can I see and purchase products in person?

    Currently, it is not possible to see and purchase the products in person, as the majority of the suppliers are based in Korea.

  • I'm going to give it as a gift, do you provide gift wrapping service?

    Yes, the product can be gift wrapped at our logistics centre.

  • Is my product faulty or defective? What should I look out for?

    As you currently are not able to view or try our products in person, before completing the purchase on our website, please ensure you review all details before finalising the purchase.  Below are some things to note which does not necessarily mean your product is faulty or defective.  We are always happy to answer any queries you have or provide you with support once you have made your purchase.  If in doubt, always reach out!


    1. Product has lint and it looks like a used product.

    Many brand are releasing vintage products or vintage-styled products to suit fashion or market trends.  Special wash treatments can create the vintage look, that may result in slight decolourisation or lint.  Please take this into consideration before making your purchase.


    2. There are blotches or what appears to be stain marks.

    For vintage or vintage-styled products, some unevenness in the colour may occur due to the way the fabric is treated or dyed.


    3. Buttons on my product are different from the images on the website.

    Our suppliers often release updates or alternative button colours and styles to their products. In particular, pants with belts often have different belt colour options, and sometimes, our supplier may update or provide alternative accessories with the product.  We aim to ensure that the details on our website is as current as possible.


    4. The colour is different on the label than in the images.

    In the case of holsters, our suppliers may ship the products with labels in different colours.  This does not mean that it is a different product.


    5. Logo is tilted.
    Due to the supplier's mass production process, the logo location may vary.


    6. The image colour on the website is different from the actual product. Is it a different product?

    For vintage or vintage-styled products, the products may slightly differ in colour due to the manufacturing process.  If you are comparing the colours in our images, it can also be due to variances in the colour and image reproduction differences on viewing devices.


    7. Glue marks around the joints on shoes

    There may be some glue marks that are visible on the shoes from the production process.  For a majority of situations, you can simply wipe or cut them away. Return is not possible unless the glue has not been applied correctly or it is clear there is poor workmanship in the production of the shoes.


    8. There is a washing difference in comparison to the image

    Washing of vintage or Destroyed products is manual or handmade and not all production is done at one place, so there is a difference from the image.


    9. The two sides of the embroidery on my product are slightly different?

    Handmade or products with manual human intervention in the production process can, due to the very nature of this, can have slight inconsistencies in the outputs.  As a result, on products with embroidery, the left and right sides can be slightly different.


    10. I checked the size chart and bought it, but it does not fit perfectly.

    We aim to make sure we provide sizing details and charts for our products where relevant.  When purchasing the product, please make sure you are referring to the correct sizing details and charts (e.g. there are many differing sizing charts that are used for shoes, so please ensure that you are following the correct chart).


    11. I received a product without a product tag

    There may be cases where there is no product tag; depending on the product or brand.


    12. Received uneven pair of product/ received a wrong pair of the product

    In the case of shoes, especially for suede or soft leather products, it may look uneven if it is pressed in a box during the shipping process.

    Also, for sweaters, the external temperature difference may also affect the material to look different (unelastic); depending on the material.

  • What is the warranty period for my product?

    The warranty period is indicated on the product description section. Please check the details on the detailed page of the purchased product or contact the customer service centre (info@M for more information.

  • What are the customer service centre operating hours?

    Weekdays 09:00 to 18:00

    We are closed on weekends and holidays.


    Buyer's Customer Center (

    Seller Customer Center (

  • What should I do if personal account information is exposed or hacked?

    Please take extra care not to expose your membership ID, password and details to others. If you
    believe your details have been compromised, please report to the customer service centre